1. Fresh (chunky) guacamole.
  2. Margaritas. With salt. On the rocks.
  3. Happy hour specials.
  4. Watching television shows a season at a time.
  5. Figuring out something difficult to understand.
  6. Orange-cranberry pinwheel cookies. Seriously, yum.
  7. H.
  8. My mom. [my dad and sister are okay too.]
  9. Editing papers so they become awesome. Don’t judge my nerdiness, I love it. Especially when someone else does the drafting.
  10. Baking cookies or making dinner for someone who appreciates the effort – but only when the food turns out great. [hopefully the almond poppyseed loaves I just made will be delish, but it is too soon to tell.]
  11. Visiting lame historical sites and pretending they are the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, including taking a photo of EVERY SINGLE THING THERE and forcing H to pose with all these things. That might be the best part. . .
  12. Christmas music. Sung by my parents. On Christmas Eve. Seriously, get there.
Favorite Things a.k.a. Random Blog List Round One
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  • Oh goodness, how I remember how beautifully your mother and father can sing. Brings back memories.

    • For reals. When they sang at my wedding every single person was crying. And also, I’m pretty sure my dad got some gigs from our guests. haha.

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