I’ve delayed updating this weekend/week because I am torn about what to write. As most of my real-life (aka Facebook) friends know, I am an advisor for a local KD chapter and have been so excited to dig in and make great things happen with these talented and lovely college-aged women.

And I have been digging in, spending more days than not there this past week and preparing for the new member program which is starting soon and will require 1-2 days of commuting from work to campus each week from next week until April.

Even though it is so much time away from H and from Leo, I love doing it because the mentor-mentee capacity of Greek life is immeasurable and teaches excited women to conduct themselves professionally and responsibly (in most settings, at least!). And I love KD, like whoa.

But another advisor attacked me in an unprofessional way and I am not sure if I should let it go or confront her about it. So while I am so proud and excited of our collegians, I’m struggling with my relationship with this individual.

Thankfully, the rest of the advisors are funny, friendly, and pretty awesome. They love fro-yo and rainboots, and they always offer to drive me in their grown-up new cars with leather seats and plug-in phone jacks. And while we were co-advisors for a while, after handling recruitment together we are friends.

So I guess this weekend was 80% great and 20% terrible. Which is pretty great, considering. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

This weekend I made 3 friends and one…
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