And apparently the scandal is about how to argue about theological differences OR maybe the scandal is about the definition of salvation or whether or not you can be Baptist and a Calvinist or something along those lines.  And apparently a lot of Christians care about this.  And I oftentimes love to study these kinds of philosophical arguments,  because they can show contradictions in our own theologies and make us seek answers for the very hardest questions — those questions that people ignore because they “don’t dwell on the details” or “don’t major in the minors” or whatever, but that really and truly matter to persons struggling with what it means to believe in God and seek his will in life.

But, today, when I started to think about what I thought about all of this, I stopped and thanked God for Sarah Bessey, for women, and for love.  Because, you see, there are moments when what really matters is grace, and forgiveness, and hope.  And when I read her, I forget that there is anything holding me back from living God’s calling in my life.  I read her words and remember that my God can do anything.  He is bigger than the rules and the pews and the limits that rich white southern fat old gray balding ivory-tower church leaders have put on my identity.  My God can take a little girl with big ideas and use her to house his children, to spread his gospel, and to share his love.

And seriously ya’ll, Sarah Bessey is from Canada.  So something good really DOES come from Canada.  😉

Apparently there is this scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention…
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  • Lots good comes from Canada!

  • I take exception to this. I’m not as fat as I used to be. Otherwise, thanks for the shout-out; and I’m pleased to serve in the same ‘house’ with you!

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