Well, it wasn’t triumphant. There was no party or clapping or “please help us we’ve been lost without you.” It wasn’t beautiful. There were no tears and no moments. And it wasn’t busy or important. There were no tasks assigned, no cases to file or issues to consider or documents to review.

So it was, to be exact, quite boring and somewhat deflating.

I hoped in my far-away, princesses-don’t-always-need-saving dreams that I would have something crazy or important to do when I arrived to cover the sadness at leaving the other. And I am happily reunited with old friends and comfortable souls…but the sadness remains, amplified by the emptiness of my calendar.

I did things. I joined the gym at my work. I brought healthy lunches. I used a free Starbucks Rewards coupon to get my favorite hot beverage (grande skim latte). I munched on pink M&Ms. I am doing things, but my passion is not with me. Please come back, passion. I miss you.

The Return
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