It’s hard going back, isn’t it? The end of a long weekend. The end of summer vacation. The end of a five month rotation anyone? 🙂 Today I went back to the work and…wait for it…the gym.

I interrupt this to ask a very important question: does anyone feel a five-point southern baptist sermon coming on? Hello, cliches. You are running amuck in here! Anyway…

I am a pathetic gym-goer. I veer to one side of the treadmill or the other, inches from catastrophic embarrassment. Even my face jiggles when I am jogging, and I am hyper-aware of that due to the mirrors reflecting all my sides, including said jiggle-face. Today, I tragically dropped my iPhone while getting a drink while jogging on a moving track but gracefully recovered. And by recovered, I mean heffalumped to the side of my still-moving treadmill to grab my phone from the ground, and then try [and fail, obviously] to get back on the moving treadmill.

I am the she-king of awkward.

Because I’m new to the gym, my badge isn’t authenticated yet and I couldn’t get into the locker room. So, I had to carry my work bag, gym bag, and jacket with me around the gym.

This is not an exaggeration.

But I survived. I’m building up my gym-courage and my stamina. I did 20 minutes of walk-run cardio, 50 medicine ball sit-ups, and ten minutes of light upper-body weight-lifting. That won’t get me to the Olympics, I know, but it is something. I also had salad for lunch and am wearing a North Face jacket and a KD t-shirt on the metro home, like the real-sorority-girl-I-never-was but am now one-non-awkward-trip-to-the-gym away from becoming.

So basically, I am awesome. And it is only Tuesday.

In other news, pictured somewhere on this iPhone-created blog is my new coffee mug for work. Nathaniel Hawthorne drank from it while writing short stories or something cool like that.


“I am the she-king of awkward.”
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