Each day this week has been such a struggle. I want to stay HOME!! I think I need to save myself one whole day at home whenever we travel. Does anyone else feel like a week of travel followed by a week of work is just too much?

This situation is probably compounded by the following: (1) it is really cold outside. (2) my nose is stuffy and I just want to wear PJs and drink tea. (3) our apartment was a little [ha!] messy when we left so I feel like I’ve been cleaning and shopping and decorating during every spare minute but haven’t had a chance to enjoy it. And (4), I mean seriously, that tree needs some ornaments!

But mostly, I think I’m much more of a literary/historical genius cute-and-social Emily Dickinson type than a 9-to-5er. I need to buy some white dresses and write poems about Leo so I can justify staying indoors and making cookies and cakes and pies. And tea.

I mean, if I did stay home I would totally write you a book, dear reader, but I’m pretty sure my poems would not be best sellers. I did win some kind if award for poetry in like Kindergarten or something, but let’s be real. Those days are long gone.

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  • mama

    We could so totally stay home together and write two books. Mine would be a commedy about teaching.

    • http://pinkbriefcase.wordpress.com pinkbriefcase

      I like this idea. Let’s do it. We can learn to quilt or crochet or something too in case we get writers’ block.