Five Awesome Things I Read This Week copy1.  D.L. Mayfield’s post on living fully each day, on how much she wants to write about the “good and true and hard things,” and on how that can be more difficult when you are looking at your likes and stats and followers.   This post is actually much deeper than my tiny summary, so definitely check it out if you ever think about how to ethically and honestly tell your true stories.

2.  Rachel Held Evans’ oldie post, “All right, then, I’ll go to hell.”  This is pretty much everything I look for in a blog all in one single post.  Do you love Huckleberry Finn?  Do you think slavery was and is wrong?  Read this.

3.  This piece from the Washington Post.  It will break your heart.

4.  The OneWord365 initiative website, Sarah Bessey’s one-word-wrap-up post, and Mary DeMuth’s instructions for turning your one-word or one-thought into a cool image for your blog or home.

And finally, for number five, please check out J’s Fashion Blog from Thursday — she is rocking sparkles in a casual way, just like I love to do.


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  • Kylie

    Thanks for sharing these. I don’t usually read Christian posts, but it was inspiring to see the way these women live their values!!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thanks Kylie! I didn’t realize how religious this list was until I saw your comment, haha. Glad you enjoyed.

      • Kylie


        Do you ever read Glennon Melton (Momastery)? She’s another Christian blogger that I have huge respect for.
        Have a nice weekend :)