It’s Easter weekend and I’m a little homesick — my holiday memories are jam packed with work and church work and in my heart all holiday songs are sung by my parents. We have new traditions now that we are grown, and I love them, but I miss the old things too.

To spread the love, I taught a coworker how to make the kind of ham that puts a ring on your finger, and I’m gearing up for some cooking and celebrating of my own. Both of H’s brothers are in town, a few favorite friends will join us on Sunday morning, and I’m taking a Good Friday vacation day. Which means that it’s the weekend right now and that is awesome.

And to spread the love even further, I have two photos to share with you. These photos show two firsts —

  1. My first French 75 — new favorite cocktail made with gin, champagne, and lemon, and
  2. My first viewing of the new statue of Rosa Parks inside the Capitol.




Two new things
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