This is our tree. A tiny seedling that will grow for a hundred years and become a Great sequoia. A life that looks weak and fragile now, but with care and protection will grow to be a shelter for others.

This tree flew from San Francisco to
Atlanta to Washington, DC, only ten days ago. It is leaving to drive from Washington, DC, to Chicago tomorrow. It will live in this pot for five years and then be planted in the ground, somewhere. Already, this tiny sapling has seen more than some trees will ever see.

I will be moving with this tree. And so will Leo and H. And for the next five years, we will tote this pot around until the tree is so big and strong that it can grow without us. And then, if the world doesn’t end and Leo doesn’t chew up the new roots before they grow wide and then deep, we will plant this tree in a place it can stay.

We covet your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this new journey.

Our tree
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  • There’s nothing like a long-term plan! Best of luck in your move.

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