Live blog of road trip for your personal enjoyment. Refresh for updates.

9:45 AM Leo in the car, meowing but feeling his special snack. On the road.

10:53 AM south mountain welcome center has fantastic bathrooms.

11:02 AM the mix CDs become essential during traffic.


11:35 AM goodbye Maryland and hello Pennsylvania!


11:59 AM Getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and it is our first toll.


12:30 PM (ish) Allegheny Mountain Tunnel.


12:32 PM Inside the tunnel.


1:12 PM Pay $7.85 to go to the bathroom at a combo McDonalds/Co-Go. Then back on the Turnpike.


And Kristen takes the wheel at 1:15 PM.


Entering Pittsburgh at 1:46.


Meanwhile at home, H and friends finish loading the truck and close the door for the last time. See you later, #101.


Squirrel Hill Tunnel at 1:59 PM.


2:20 PM surprise visit with Kristen’s aunt, uncle, another aunt, and cousins.


What a cutie!


3:30 PM Primanti Bros. sandwiches — holy cow delicious.


4:12 PM Oops, wrong turn. Thanks a lot, Tom Tom. Back on the road with 439 miles left to go.

5:27 PM Lordstown, Ohio.


5:58 Holy caffeine, Batman! Triple grande peppermint mocha and 13 gallons of gas in the tank. 345 miles to go.


7:38 PM Start to lose it. Saved by a friendly text message.


9:25 PM Finally out of Ohio and in Kristen’s home state. First thing we see is a semi-truck full of camels.

11:18 PM We finally made it to the hotel!

7:27 AM Welcome to Chicago!!!

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  • Kim Johnson Kelton

    be safe!

    • pinkbriefcase


  • letssaygrace2012

    Be glad you’re not coming from the west coast. I just found out that Hammer (high school friend) left San Diego Thursday at 7pm, got to H’ville a couple of hours ago.
    Hope you’re having a good drive now.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thank you Grace

  • tonyroberts64

    I remember as a child putting a quarter in the pay toilet, but “$7.85 to go to the bathroom”? Highway robbery!!

    • pinkbriefcase


  • My Nomad Life

    Can’t remember the last time I took such a long road trip!