Okay, so, let’s just be honest:  bibimbap is my favorite.  I wrote you a cutesy introduction paragraph here but then deleted it because WHO CARES let’s talk about how to make it.

1.  Rice in rice cooker.

2.  Prep your toppings.

  • Slice and saute zucchini
  • Plop fresh spinach into boiling water until just wilted, drain and rinse with cool water (a.k.a. blanch the spinach)
  • Thin-cut carrots (we don’t julienne in this family, but something along those lines would be excellent), blanch and drain
  • Blanch and drain bean sprouts
  • Pickle some red onion – I used the recipe here but I used rice vinegar instead and halved the recipe
  • Fry a sunny-side-up egg


3.  Cook the meat.  You’re going to marinate the meat for a minimum of three hours beforehand and probably longer.  I used the marinade recipe here, added a little pear juice, and then let it sit for a while.


I learned a few things here for next time:

  • The meat should be thinly sliced — I wish I had sliced it much thinner.
  • Make EXTRA — it is the most delicious of all.

4.  Put it all in a big bowl:  rice first, then veggies in tiny clusters around the edges, then meat and egg in the middle.  Put a ton of sriracha (or Korean chile paste if you are fancy) on the side, take a photo, and then stir it all together.


That’s it!  It takes a long time to prep all of the toppings but it is TOTALLY worth it.  And you can make all the toppings in advance so you just put  the rice-bowl together when the rice is done.


Bibimbap at home!
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  • Oh my, this looks good. 🙂

  • MamaJ

    You mean to tell me, you are eating runny egg yolk? There is no end to your surprises.

    • Haha I love it now! Soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs… Delicious.

  • Reblogged this on yasarnorman.

  • Dad

    What do you think the chances are of your mother making this dish in Nashville?
    Just wishful thinking.

    • Haha — zero. But I will make it for you if you come up for a visit!

  • Jane

    Yummy! I’ve got to try this.

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