After spending a single night in my own bed this week, I am on my way to the exciting adventurous land of Arkansas. I will walk where Laura Ingalls Wilder walked and I will hug long lost friends and I will try desperately to act cool even though I’m sure everyone will be able to tell that I haven’t worn a fancy dress or been to a party in months.

My life is a bit blender-ish right now.

Today I received an email from my boss saying I was awesome in all of the right ways and doing a great job, so I’m going to buck up, grab a salad (or maybe a glass of wine?!) at the airport and attack this weekend of fun that is a long time coming.

And even though I will completely ignore and hide feelings this weekend and pretend to be too cool for gushy love stuff, I am so happy and excited for my friend and her fiancé and cannot wait to celebrate with them. I watched Phil and Mrs. Kay celebrate 48 years last night (two weeks later, apparently, than everyone else) and it made me feel so thankful for good husbands. Especially mine.

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  • tonyroberts64

    Have a wonderful time.

  • pinkbriefcase

    Thanks, Tony!