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Well, it’s a holiday weekend and so I really only have three gift guides and two posts for you, but I would love to read your recommendations so if you read something awesome this week please link to it in the comments (even if it’s something you wrote yourself!).

#1, #2, and #3:  Jessica over at How Sweet It Is has great gift guides for foodies, friends, and practical gifting needs.

#4:  D.L. Mayfield posted her year in books, and I loved them all!  I also spotted several books from my own reading this year on her list.

#5:  Tasha Golden for Ploughshares Literary Magazine with Four Reasons to Write the Hell out of (What’s Left of) 2013.

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  • Tasha

    Thanks for linking to the Ploughshares piece! Lovely to connect. I love the Chicago area… some of my favorite shows have been the ones we’ve played at SPACE in Evanston. :) When not blogging for ploughshares, I’m at Hellos to Leo!