I am quiet now.

[forgive the absence]

I feel the pain of friends and family more deeply than before.



I’m making plans for the coming year:  plans for a great year, my twenty-eighth.

I’m thinking of the future but also the present, thinking of long-term goals (a down payment maybe? a cozy home with a fireplace?) but also looking at the immediate (vegetable soup for lunch and an outfit I like).

I want to use my minutes more wisely and to pour myself into my friendships.



I am sorry for how long it has been since I phoned you.  I am sorry for not coming to visit more often.

This will be the year of visits instead of cards, phone calls instead of text messages.



It is one week until Christmas, two weeks until the new year.  We wait, together, for Christmas to bring Epiphany, for the hope nearly covered by sorrow to bring forth joy.

Come quickly, hope.  Come quickly, joy.

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  • http://accidentaldevotional.wordpress.com accidental devotional

    Love this.

    • http://pinkbriefcase.wordpress.com pink-briefcase

      Thanks, Abby.

  • http://royalesharon.wordpress.com Sharon Nyatanga

    first thing I noticed and loved is that you are turning 28! i know quite a number of people who have had great things happen to them at that age!

    • http://pinkbriefcase.wordpress.com pink-briefcase

      It’s supposed to be the best year, right? I hope so.

      • http://royalesharon.wordpress.com Sharon Nyatanga

        It will be! Happy Holidays

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