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Too Much Peacemaking? Esther Emery for SheLoves Magazine.  Must Read of the Week.

Six Stretches for People who Sit at Desks from A Cup of Jo.  (Would you judge me if you saw me doing these in my office?)

What Makes a Great Book Club Novel? from Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Related — do you finish books even if you don’t like them?  How far do you read before you give up?  Check out this article and tell me if you agree of disagree.  (I disagree.  As Henry David Thoreau once said, we must “[r]ead the best books first, or [we] may not have a chance to read them at all.” Or, as modern HDT would say:  “Prioritize, people.”)

My friend Elizabeth Hyndman with How to Find, Follow, and Friend People on Twitter.

And finally, this essay by Andrea Levendusky, who is one of my new favorite artists:  A Blur of Delight. (for some reason this link is showing up as spam.  try andreaglevendusky(dot)com.)



Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 11.07.2014
  • Suzi

    I am totes doing stretch #7 everyday at work. Every. Day.

    Also, I used to have to read ’til the end, but it rarely ended enjoyably.

    • Really?! I might start trying to incorporate. No one can really see me at my desk anyway. . .

    • WHAT. If you can do it, I can do it. Plus, I’m not sure anyone at my work would really care anyway.

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