About me:

Hi, I’m Mary Beth and I write here at www.pink-briefcase.com.  I can be a little too career-focused, so I write this blog to help me remember to live life fully and enjoy all of the good moments.  It’s something we all need to be reminded of!

My husband and I have recently moved back to DC after spending two years in Chicago.  I’ve blogged through some pretty big life things here:  finishing law school, getting married, taking and passing the bar, completing my fellowship, and starting a new job in a new city.

In this space, I share our fun adventures, some of my greatest worries, and everything in-between as we grapple with living our real lives.  Thanks for joining me here.

Things I love:

  • Exploring. I hate parties but I love going places.  Send me to a new city and let me wander, reading signs and stopping at historical locations and trying new restaurants.
  • Good grammar.  Don’t be surprised if you find a grammar lesson here from time to time.  (And on that note, if you see a mistake please do let me know.)
  • Writing about writing.  Some of us love it, others hate it, but I love a good how-to series.
  • History.  And Literature.  And funny movies.
  • Trying new recipes.  You’ll find a few recipes here as well as stories of cooking disasters.
  • Politics and Religion.  I’m careful what I write about both because (a) my job and (b) I love people who disagree with me.  But, not that careful.
  • Comfortable fashion.  It’s such a stereotype, but I am a sucker for posts on fashion, women’s magazines, and all of that.  But I’m also kind of terrible at it.
  • Watching television.  I am totally addicted and I’d love to talk to you about your favorite shows.  But if you are “too busy for TV” we probably can’t be friends.
  • You really do sound like an amazing person. I don’t know if you’re involved in prison issues still. If so, I am looking for individuals / groups who might benefit from receiving access to the 12 years of work done by my grassroots criminal justice reform group. In any case, best wishes!

    • Wow, what kind words. Thank you. I’m not working on prison rape issues right now, but I’m glad to hear that you are keeping up the fight! Thanks for your dedication.

  • Wow, you’re such an inspirational young woman! I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate in Political Science. Although gender politics is closely related to my blog, I never imagined 4,000 followers later in three months. I hope I can take my blogging skills and apply them somewhere soon. My debt will never go away. haha I wish the best of luck in all your academic and blogging endeavors for 2013. Take care, love.

  • I went to Lambuth for my first semester of college! (Thankfully, I left before it became none existent.) I am also a Tennessee transplant (from Franklin) I now live in Florida. 🙂

  • As a follower of “A Way With Words”, you are invited domain warming party as I move to a new blog address. Click on this link –


    You’ll think you are in a parallel universe.

    While you are there, be sure to click the “follow” button. Within the next week, I plan to publish exclusively from this site. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

  • Nice blog.would like to share my poems and photos.All Best
    Bangalore India

  • ‘Oh goodness. I was tempted to copy and paste this on my ‘about me’ on my blog, this is amazing!

  • Nice to meet you and your cool blog!!

  • I want to thank you for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when people read what I’ve written (and even more as they respond).

    While I write primarily about faith and mental illness, I am known to dabble in other subjects and stories and even the occasional poem. If you have any requests, please contact me.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for some time and hope to read more as time and my schedule permits. I pray you are blessed in your life and writing, as you bless others.

    Tony Roberts

  • Hi! It seems we are “neighbors” 🙂 I found you via 31 days FB group. I live in Lemont – a SW suburb of Chicago & my husband and I grew up in the DC area. Just wanted to say Hi!!! And I’ve been scrolling through your 31 days series – so great! I’ll be following along now.

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