Starting the New Year with a Blog!

Writing is something that I love.  Since I was a little girl, I wanted to live in a log cabin on a mountain and write little funny books about life — particularly its ironic twists and turns.  My life as an almost-attorney is full of writing, but it is generally not funny and seldom gets my creative juices flowing.  Thus, in an effort to develop my own writing skills and to remember who I am and what my dreams are, I’m joining the WordPress 2011 Post A Day Challenge.

This year, expect this blog to be updated every day.  Well, let’s be more realistic:  updated at least 365 times.  I might have to double up on some days to make up for very busy study/work days.  But, I promise 365 moments of thoughtfulness; hopefully a handful of witty comments on life will find their way into the mix.

I’m not sure yet where this blog is going, and I’m not sure that I can write 365 interesting things, so stylistically this is a “kitchen sink” diary.  However, the things I love [and will probably write about] are movies, books, cooking, eating at new restaurants, The West Wing, human rights, the complexities of my Christian faith, rooting out hidden biases in my own psyche and others’, and loving my friends and family.  I hope to give you a glimpse into my humble, happy life.


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