Revamping my “look”

Hello there blogging world:  are any of you craving something new, exciting, different, wonderful?

I totally am.  So, I’m starting off by revamping my look and my blog’s look!

For myself, I purchased two new pairs of jeans on Sunday.  One pair was totally new and different for me — a pair of skinny jeans.  I’ve never worn them, or even tried them on, and I love them!   I also bought another pair of my regular style (dark wash boot cut).  I hate to be the stereotypical “girl” and say that shopping makes me feel better but hey, it’s true!

Today I wore my skinny jeans for the first time, tucked into tall brown boots.  Though I am absolutely in love with knee-high boots and wear them all the time, I’ve never tucked pants into them!  Everything I did today was a little more exciting because of my skinny jeans and tall boots.

Now, for the blog:  I’ve changed themes, added an actual picture from my actual life (my beautiful wonderful awesome wedding party!), changed the background coloring to PINK (!!), and started adding a list of my favorite blogs on the sidebar.  If you have any blogs to suggest, or want me to check out yours, then just let me know!



  1. Lynn

    Mary Beth!! Your comment on my blog made my day!:) And I was even happier to find out that you have a blog that I can stalk as well!!!

    Skinny jeans & tall boots are awesome. That’s the only reason I wear skinny jeans is so I can tuck them into my boots.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Haha — I know exactly how you feel! I am so in love with my new jeans, but I made cookies last night and they are currently covered in flour.

      The skinnies I bought are technically cropped, and hit right at the ankle, and I am going to be all over them, cuffed a bit, with sandals this spring. I was so afraid of them before, but now they are kind of my new thing. I’ve already started breaking out the self-tanning lotion to help my arms and legs look less pasty-white.

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