Searching for my “Study Place”

I’m still having a really hard time getting things done (a.k.a. focusing on any of my multitude of work assignments!) and I think I know the reason — I don’t have a “place” to work anymore.  All of my work spaces are currently community property, or hang out zones, and I’m not really getting any work done because it’s so easy to do something else!  I’m learning that I need social pressure to be productive.

I first learned this about myself last January when I was working in an office with no available internet for my computer.  While my work product was sometimes less efficient, because I had to leave the office whenever I needed to research a case or check a citation online, I was SO productive.  With no human or technological distractions, I am a working machine.  Seriously, like ten pages of initial legal research and analysis in six hours productive.

But, I am also seriously distractable.  For example, this blog is kind of distracting me from my actual work at this very moment.  I want it to be more highly populated, so I’ve been twitter-ing about my blog, which is another distraction.

Even with my own nature lending toward distraction, I really do think that not having a work place is a huge problem.  Now that I’m a married woman, I don’t really have my own places anymore.  My former office space (my bed) is now community property, and working there is harder because Leo the Cat likes to climb on top of my keyboard with no notice!  [totally one of my favorite things about him.]

My “desk” is in the bedroom, but has no desk chair and is also our favorite spot to pile all sorts of things.  [I am not naturally the tidiest person in the world, but I’m learning because of Leo’s messy-house-revenge, which we’ll get to another day.]  Also, it’s the desk I had as a child and not really suited for legal work — it isn’t deep enough for my computer, a casebook, a stack of papers and my notepad.

Before we moved to our new apartment, I was living only seven blocks from my favorite coffee shop ever and studied there almost every day.  But now I’m at least fifteen minutes by car from PNP, and they have a new no-plug policy which makes it a little more difficult to work there for long periods of time.  Also, their new staff is kind of rude and their drinks are pretty expensive if you can’t stay there for hours to get things done.

If I want to do work at home, I traditionally sit at the kitchen table, light a candle, and make some tea.  But as soon as I get into my work, I need a snack, or have to go to the bathroom, or need to watch some tv on that I missed last week.

I’m going to be looking for some good work places over the next few weeks, because once I graduate and have to prep for the bar it will be unacceptable for me to be so distracted.  I have to find a place, fix it up, and get it ready for the task ahead.  If you have any ideas for study places or experience conquering this disease, let me know!

** This link is just kind of funny, and echoes my feelings of displacement!



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