Baby Steps, a.k.a. “I’d rather have a root canal than hire you.”

Some big things have happened in the last 24 hours (nothing life-changing, but definitely steps toward something amazing) and I’m going to restrain myself from dumping them onto the blog all at once in hopes that shorter, exciting blogs are the best way to entertain “the masses.”  Yes, that’s right, masses — because in the last 48 hours I’ve had over 45 blog views!  My visibility has definitely increased, thanks to a combination of my friend Lynn’s blog award, the publicize feature [now connected to my twitter account], and my new photos and pink pink background!  Now that I know how exciting it is to have blog views and comments, I will be a better blog follower and leave comments when I read!  I read so many blogs on a regular basis, but usually leave without commenting.  Not any more!

Today started out a little rough.  Things could have been a little happier on the home front, not going to lie, and I spent my typically productive morning hours watching reruns of Saved By the Bell, The College Years.  [which, it seems important to note, were TOTALLY LAME.  How did I watch these shows when I was a kid??]   After realizing I was supposed to meet my fantastic friend at my favorite coffee shop in an hour, I jumped in the shower and dressed quickly.

But then, I did something remarkable.  Simply astounding.  Practically life-changing, really.

I made job inquiry phone calls.

That’s right, using my actual voice on my actual phone, I called and asked if certain judges at a certain courthouse had already chosen clerks for a certain upcoming year.  And honestly, it wasn’t so bad.  Secretaries answered the phones and simply said that yes, the judge had already hired a clerk and, if not, that no the judge was no longer accepting applications.  BUT one said yes, the judge is still accepting applications and that he wanted to standard application packet.  So I found a judge to apply to!

Let’s be honest, though, there was definitely a moment in there.  I called one chambers, and instead of a secretary the actual judge answered the phone on the first ring and I was so shocked by the abruptness of the answer and the greeting that I fumbled around and basically said “umm ummm ummm hi, have you chosen a clerk?” and the judge was pretty much like no thanks I’d rather have a root canal than hire you. hahaha.  but that was only one.  And I called about a dozen.  All in all a pretty good round of job-search effort.

So now, for the rest of the day, I’m going to keep it up.  I’m going to get my brain and my generally-missing-but-once-a-part-of-me worker bee mentality in gear and get stuff done. 

I did make it to my favorite coffeehouse, and got to chat with my wonderful friend about some non-law chattery things (thank the Lord!) and now I am sitting at the huge community table enjoying a delicious turkey-apple-brie sandwich and iced tea (even if it isn’t sweet like my momma makes it) and about to start working through the huge stack of Brady cases I have to finish for my professor.  I’m going to read at least 25 today.  :)

Oh, so delicious.



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