New Shoes and Gym-Going Inspiration

It has been three weeks since I went to the gym.  Three weeks.  After starting this year with a concrete goal of going to the gym three times a week, twenty-one days have passed since I set foot inside the doors of the gym.  Yes, things have been busy, but honestly there is no real excuse.  I’ve managed to watch 2 1/2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix during my downtime this month, so I could have walked the 300 yards to the gym if I’d actually wanted to.  I didn’t.

Today, I decided to rule out one of my big excuses:  not having appropriate footwear.  As a very beginning runner, I’ve never once needed quality footwear.  I’ve never needed athletic shoes that fit.  Since February of 2008, I’ve been wearing size 10 [I’m barely a size 9] used Nike gym shoes that someone else wore and then donated to the tornado warehouse.

Running in the old shoes was not fun.  For one, I was self-conscious because I felt like my feet looked like boats.  I’m self-conscious enough at the gym without adding any additional awkwardness into the mix, and the “clown shoes” were not helping. Also, the shoes were too big for my narrow feet, and my arches would slide around in the shoes from left to right while I ran.  When my left knee started hurting while I was running at a barely 5.5 on the treadmill, it was so easy to give up.  I told myself and my husband that I didn’t want to push myself too hard and end up injured or something crazy like that, but the truth was that I was just lazy and scared.  I didn’t want to be a great runner enough to push through the pain that it takes to build up unused muscles.  I wasn’t ready.


Well, I’m still not quite ready for that jumping over that hurdle, but I have done one thing to push me closer to running better:  I bought new shoes:  Adidas Trailblazer Running Shoes.  I honestly have no idea if they are good for running or good for my feet, but I bought them because (1) they were only 49.99, (2) they have these cool treads on the bottom that are supposed to help you when running on uneven ground [which is perfect for my hiking trip next weekend!], (3) they are grey, not white [I HATE new white tennis shoes, because they scream “LOOK AT ME!  I’M NEW!”].

These are the new shoes! They are basically grey with a bit of silver, navy, and yellow.


I’m going to try to take my new shoes to the gym tomorrow, Sunday, since that’s my typical start-the-week-off-right gym day.  Hopefully they will step up my running game.  :)  I’m also thinking about mixing up my own running playlist instead of using Robert Ullrey’s podcasts anymore.  I like the music okay — it’s a techno alternative jumble of sorts — but his voice is just not encouraging enough for me!  I wish that Mr. T or William Shatner would voice some running podcast instructions!  hahaha.  If William Shatner said “Run for the next sixty seconds, you sad excuse for a human being!”  every time I was supposed to switch from walking to running it would totally  inspire me to greatness.




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