Today’s Workout!

That’s right, a workout!  I’m starting this week off right.  My husband was super supportive and informative today, and I did tons of things I’ve never done before!

1.  Three minute warm-up on the Rowing machines.  Totally fun.

2.  Fifteen-count planks, followed by crunches on the big balance balls.

3.  Lower body ab lifts (or something) where you hang from a machine and then curl your legs up and down.

4.  Fifteen-pound weight lifts for shoulders in the weight room.  It smells a little bit like dirty feet.  Boys are so stinky!

5.  About six reps of different arm/shoulder workouts with the ten pound weights.

6.  Jump Rope for cardio. I am so bad at jumping rope it is not even funny.  When I was a little kid, I would always hold the double dutch ropes because I CANNOT jump rope to save my life.

7.  Mile walk/hike to the horse stables in Rock Creek Park!  This was absolutely fantastic, and has become my new favorite place.  I wish I’d brought my camera/phone with me so I could show you how wonderful it was.  I’m going back again soon and I will totally have some photo-evidence to show you!  The stables are old, but open, so you get to walk through and see all the different horses.  The largest was named Fhabbio, and he was HUGE!  Like, his rump was higher than my 5’6″ head. 
I loved working out with my husband and doing a variety of things — running on the treadmill is just so BORING compared to the mix-mash of awesomeness I did today.  Also, lifting weights made me feel strong!  That is such a great feeling.  It’s amazing what your body can do, isn’t it?  


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