Monday blues

It happens every week.  I don’t have class or work on Mondays; it’s supposed to be my power house day to get so much work done and get ahead of the week.  But, today as always, it has just gotten away from me.

It started with oversleeping — I meant to get up at 7, but didn’t really wake up until 8:30.  Then, with my husband getting ready to leave for work, I didn’t do anything [not even get myself ready] until he was gone at 9:30.  Then I had breakfast, blew some time watching Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about how Charlie Sheen is completely insane, and checked a few emails.  Around 10:30 or so I decided I needed to get ready, but somehow my quick shower turned into a bubble bath while watching the pilot of Harry’s Law on my computer.  I think there was a commercial for the show on the television right before I started warming the water, and I was clearly affected by it.

After my 45 minutes or maybe an hour in the tub (had to watch the entire episode!), I covered my upper body in Nivea’s fantastic self-tanning firming lotion.  I’ve decided to use it every day from now until the end of Spring Break so I can come back to school with a tan, likening myself to one of those people who get to take off work and go to the beach over spring breaks.

But of course, I had to let the lotion soak in before getting dressed so I needed to watch the second episode of the series.  Then, I tried to rig up my other computer so I could do work while watching Harry’s Law, but to no avail:  the internet just wouldn’t take and I ended up finishing the second episode while having lunch before getting anything done.

I did break from my series of doing nothing to check my emails, respond to a few things, and prep a draft application for a client to work on.  That’s something, right?  Well, it wasn’t anything amazing and it certainly wasn’t equal to the full day of work I could have done instead of wasting my life away with computer tv and a bubble bath.

Now, here I sit, having watched the third episode of the series to entertain me while I had a mug of tea and a scone, trying to convince myself to drive to school in the rain so I can pick up the pages I am supposed to be reading.  If I could just get into the car and pick the pages up, I could do whatever I wanted after that.  Just having the pages is today’s goal – – but so far, that seems so impossible.
I’m about to pull on my galoshes (why don’t we call rainboots galoshes anymore?  That term is so much more interesting to spell.), drive to school, and log a few hours.  But, I’m bringing my headphones with me and just might have to watch the remaining two episodes of this show while I’m there.  Because I AM ADDICTED TO TELEVISION.  or maybe just to procrastination?

Oh wait, I need to go get a headlight for my car because it is blown, and it is so rainy that I have to drive with my lights on!  What to do, what to do.  :)


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