A Walk in the Woods

Okay, I’ll just go ahead and say this first thing:  this is not about Bill Bryson or the Appalachian Trail.

Now that that’s settled, guess what I did today:  took a walk in the woods with my very good friend.  It was so easy, so unplanned, and such a great idea.  My friend C sent me a text around lunchtime that said “Do you have time for a walk today?”

Being my usual worst-case-scenario self, I assumed she actually meant to ask if I had time for a talk — assuming that something terrible had happened, I responded affirmatively.

Later, it turns out that she actually did want to go for a walk, and that I got in my first exercise of the week and most fun exercise ever while catching up with my friend and chatting about our lives.

I’ve never been one to train with a partner.  I don’t like to fail in front of anyone — I give myself enough grief about my faults without adding witnesses to the mix — and I’ve never understood why people insisted on having a work out buddy.  But, after today, I totally understand!  It wasn’t easier to walk with my friend C beside me.  The physical steps did not become less strenuous — I mean, it was walking.  It’s not like I was running a marathon or pulling a semi-truck on a rope. Instead, it was fun! Who knew that working out could be fun?

Well, probably you and every other person in the world besides me.  But now I know.


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