Adding another option to the mix

When it rains, it pours, or so the saying goes. This week, my world is raining job offers.

This is a totally weird and ridiculous situation. I mean, really? I finish an entire YEAR of job searching with dozens of interviews but no firm offers, and as soon as finals/graduation hits, I get four offers in three weeks?

So, as an update to my dilemma, here’s the sitch: I think I found the perfect job for me. It’s policy creation and legislative affairs for the one federal agency whose mission I believe in more than the others combined. It’s working with the Deputy Assistant Secretary, not some mid-level bureaucrat with no power to create broad-scale change. It’s working closely with OGC, so I can decide which side of the policy I want to work on.

Only problem: the HR offer is still a few days away, and I have to accept/reject the #2 offer by tomorrow.

But, we shall have faith. Faith that can move mountains can certainly sustain me for 3 days. Right???


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