Good News Today:

So, I waited and waited for this job.  This one job, that I knew would come, but that kept delaying.  I nearly lost the job once, when my interview was canceled and I didn’t get it rescheduled.  And then, someone helped me.  Her name is Laura, and I’m not sure exactly how she became part of the get-MB-a-job dream team, but she did.  And she just might be the MVP.

So, I got word from my future boss that I was getting this job offer last week, but the offer never came.  So I wasn’t really believing that it was true — I was a bit more concerned about making evidence flashcards and, to be honest, probably still should be because I have NOT memorized all of those hearsay exceptions just yet. . .

But anyway, back to the story:  I got the call today.  And the job is real, and it is mine.  And the best part is that it is a pay increase, and that makes up for sadness left from the better paying job I turned down about 3 weeks ago because it wasn’t the job I wanted.  So now, instead of looking back at the money I could have had, I can be proud and excited that when you follow your dreams, and faithfully wait for guidance, things WILL work out.  And not just okay, but really, freaking wonderful.


. . . except for the Torts flashcards.  They are not that wonderful.  And the longer I wait to make them, the worse they will be.



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