Bar Review Update

Well, I’ve been back in the black hole for a bit now, big surprise I know.  :)

Over the last four weeks I have “learned” Evidence, Property, Torts, Contracts and Sales (UCC 2), Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Constitutional Law.  And by “learned,” I mean I have studied the materials, written exam-style essays and practiced MBE problems.  And made flashcards.  Tons of flashcards.

It took me about three weeks to figure out what kind of learning style was best for me during this process, so I’m in desperate need to go back and review Evidence since I didn’t really have a method to this madness when I was learning it and I still haven’t re-committed all of those hearsay exceptions to memory since Professor Rice drilled them into my head with fear in December 2009.  Wow, that was a long time ago!

This Saturday, I am taking a Day One full practice Test.  [In case you don’t know, the Bar Exam is two days in Maryland:  one full day of essay writing plus one full day of a national multiple choice test.]  I am scared and nervous but mostly I want to do badly so I can get scared enough to really amp up my studying for the next five weeks.  Doing well will just make me complacent and that is not at all what I need!


Oh, P.S., I graduated from law school.  Yipeee!!!!!  Now back to studying.


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