New Music Makes Life Better

So, it has literally been a year since I bought a CD (a Frank Sinatra collection for wedding dance lessons last summer), and probably three years since I bought music just because I liked it.

Last night, I downloaded iTunes (I know, how 2000s of me) and three new CDs plus some free Starbucks downloads with a gift card I received as a birthday gift (in January).  Life changing.

Today, I am listening to Bon Iver (Bon Iver) while studying and it is seriously fantastic.  I mean, if you like banjos and folk music that happens to be the second most popular download this week on iTunes, it is probably for you.  It is mellow but upbeat, which is basically the key to MB’s study music.  Typically, I’m on Banana Pancakes + Ben Folds + Tom Petty Pandora radio, so this is a nice portable change with no advertisements.  (Take that, Pandora!)


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