My Study Place(s)

So, yesterday I realized that I have been neglecting my blog and that it makes me kind of sad to have abandoned it!  I started it because I had so much excitement about what is coming up, and as I’ve forgotten that excitement in the slough of finishing law school, studying for the bar, and figuring out how to survive on mostly adrenaline and a little bit of test-taking skills for eight weeks, I’ve lost a bit of the happiness of and been bogged down in the stress of change.  But honestly, I cannot wait for what is coming up.  Except for the bar.  It is not on my list of things to be excited about.

Also, I realized that I use my blog the most often when I make Orzo for Hunter, because I blogged my method and he likes it so much I’m afraid I’ll do it differently and he’ll be disappointed.  It really is fantastic, if you haven’t made it/tried it.  We had it this Sunday with sautéed veggies (squash + zucchini + onion + lemon juice + chili pepper flakes).  So good.

Today, I’m studying at my two favorite study places:  the public library @ Chevy Chase Circle and the Starbucks at Jones Bridge.  Seriously, they are built for studying because (a) free parking, (b) close to my apartment and my classes, (c) great snacks.  I mean, the library itself does not have great snacks, but with Bread & Chocolate right across the street, what more can you really ask for?

So, I’m trying to love my life instead of dreading the days and waking up unhappy.  I mean, today my first 30 minutes were spent watching Arrested Development with Hunter before he left for work, and I’m currently listening to Bella and the Flecktones’ new CD, which I love.   Basically today is a great day (except for the Business Associations lecture tonight from 6-10 p.m.  that is not a great anything.  well, it is a great bore.).


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