Variety is a problem

So, I posted my fantastic success of a Tuesday meal plan yesterday, and boy was I proud of Tuesday’s Eats. But, here’s the thing: eating the same three meals every day is just not very exciting. I would honestly be happy eating the same breakfast every day of the week (Special K, Strawberries, and Sausage Links!!) but today Hunter said those dreaded words: “so, how do you want to change up breakfasts for next week?”

Change breakfast? Change the perfect balance of cheap and healthy and delicious that I so carefully crafted and then ate every single day this week? Well, part of me just really doesn’t want to. But, I too am pretty bored with the routine of it all. So, here comes the hard part — do I risk falling off the healthy eating bandwagon to stay interested in my food and mealtimes, or do I succumb to the ever-increasing boredom of Special K + Salad + Healthy Choice?


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