Today’s Main Course: chemicals and preservatives

Literally, I almost fell asleep during the first twenty MBEs on my practice exam this morning. But then I realized that with 80 more before lunch, my best bet was to buckle down and get finished because the sooner I got to number 100, the sooner I could find some caffeine and sugar.

At number 93, I couldn’t do it any longer and went to the bathroom (for the second time) and grabbed a mini-pack of Starburst candy from the basket.

Now I’m outside by myself during the last 25 minutes of the exam drinking 210 calories of chemical goodness and eating another 360 calories of “healthy” choice chemical goodness.

After another three hour stretch of questions, I’ll be eating ballpark hot dogs (chemicals and preservatives) and drinking terrible beer and eating ice cream and popcorn at a Nats double header, so let’s just give up on “healthy eating” for today.

Oh, and I have a cupcake in the fridge to eat with my lunch too. Good grief.


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