The suit search is still on…

In an effort to (1) follow instructions and take both Sunday and Monday off from bar studying, and (2) prepare for starting my first all-suits-all-the-time federal job, H and I left on a journey for finding the perfect three piece khaki suit – lightweight for the hot DC summers, with a pencil skirt and trousers and a two or three button suit jacket. Ann Taylor was having one of its 40% off everything sales, and I was ready to put down some serious dough. Like, hundreds of dollars for these good fitting classic pieces.

And we bought…Nothing.

Nothing! Seriously, when have I ever gone to the mall and bought nothing? Well, that is not exactly true – we did buy H a new blue shirt. Ugh.

#1. Ann Taylor has a disproportionate number of one button jackets this season. Yuck. Girls with boobs cannot wear one button suit jackets without looking like Monica Lewinsky. (And if this needs to be said, that is not the look I’m going for. Sorry Bill.)

#2. Banana Republic suits are good-looking but not made for boobs. Sorry world if this is offensive, but seriously? Even jackets too big for me buckled on the sides because they just weren’t made for lady parts.

#3. Macy’s. Where were you Macy’s? I saw one Nine West suit in the store I would even try on, and it was two sizes too big.

#4. Express had some fantastic choices of heavy weight, cheap fabric, one-buttoned suits. So, everything we are not looking for. But they were only about half price from Ann Taylor.

Sad day. So, I’ll be searching online for a better suit selection somewhere else, and I am open to suggestions.

In other news, those strawberry cupcakes I made are still going strong, and totally class up our refrigerator in the glass pedestal cake stand we were given for our engagement. Mmmm.


One comment

  1. MJ

    I found my suit at The Limited. I shelled out a bit of dough, but they often have a sale where if you buy the skirt and jacket, you get the pants free! Good luck!

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