Cannot wait for August!!

For some reason, I just realized today that in 22 days I will be finished with law school, and the bar, and will be completely in control of my life.  And I am ridiculously giddy and excited.  I’m sure this feeling will fade in oh, about 15 minutes, because I’m in the middle of reviewing the 68 answers I missed on the practice test Saturday and I’m about to get sad and crazy again… so I wanted to write it down.  Note that there were 200 questions and that my score was scaled @ 152, and I only need a 133 to pass MD and waive into DC.

So, anyway, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp!!!!!  I am going to the beach for the weekend, going to Aruba for a week on a second honeymoon-ish trip, heading to Tennessee to visit my girls and hopefully see my Kappa Delta sisters in action, and starting my first job with full federal benefits, vacation days, and everything.  And it is AMAZING.  God has totally blessed Hunter and me with a beautiful life and I just want to embrace it and feel all of it and love it, because things turn sad and difficult in the blink of an eye.  And I have felt so much of that struggle and pain so I just wanted to take a moment here in the midst of bar study/anxiety and write down for the world (and me) how incredibly blessed my life is and how thankful I am for the people that I love, and those that love me, and all of the support I have been getting during these past three years of ridiculousness.


Okay, that is all.  Strict/Products liability is killing me!  Back to work.


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