No Curly Fries Today

About four hours ago I posted a blog of crazy emotions and food needs that can only be explained by one thing:  bar study procrastination.  So, just for your information, I’m sitting in my classroom (class starts in 8 minutes so I’m not ignoring my professor yet), eating watermelon and roasted vegetable quinoa salad, and getting ready to dominate some Business Associations essay skills.

For my snack, I had half of a grande nonfat peppermint mocha frappuccino and it tasted terrible and I couldn’t even drink it.  Seriously, it was like they poured the entire bottle of peppermint syrup into my beverage.  Yuck!  I have just been drinking my coffee and coffee beverages without any sugar in them for so long that the least bit of sugar tastes terrible.  Or maybe they used sugar free mocha powder?  Whatever it was, oh man, so bad.

Also, that reminds me:  I think a guy was hitting on me today.  haha.  Now that I am married and bar-studying all the time I honestly have no perception of those kind of signs any more.  I was walking back to my car, and this guy stops me and says, “What kind of drink is that?”  and I told him it was a frappuccino and he said “Oh, okay, because I was thinking about trying something new,” as I walked away.  If he wasn’t hitting on me than he is just really weird to stop a stranger to ask that question and not even follow it up with, “Oh, cool, what kind?”  Am I right?


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