This Week’s Reads

So, I’ll be honest with you here:  I haven’t really read ANYTHING other than bar exam materials this week.

Earthy-Toasty-Spicy’s list of “You Know You are Taking the Bar Exam When…”

Nuts and Boalts’ Five Rules for Studying for the Bar

The Lawyer Mentor’s Don’t Freak Out about the Bar Exam

In my own personal experience, studying for the bar is 50% believing in yourself and your test-taking abilities, 30% studying, and 20% question practice.  Starting right now, I have nine full days left to prepare for the test.  Unlike most people I talk to, I am very good at taking time for myself and much worse at buckling down and hitting the books.  I’m not a stress-tester, and I wish I had that crazy adrenaline rush that made me stick to the books like crazy.  Until it comes, I am going to follow the plan below, kind of:

Tonight: Review my answers from the practice test I am currently taking.  [Oh yeah, I’m on my lunch break — did I forget to mention that?  :)]  And, if I have time, finish Family Law flashcards/studying.

Sunday:  Take it easy.  Spend the day and afternoon with Hunter, cleaning up, doing any laundry, and baking some goodies for the week.  Sunday night:  watch the new episode of In Plain Sight and review family law flashcards.

Monday:  Evidence, Criminal Law and Procedure

Tuesday:  Torts, Civil Procedure, Business Associations

Wednesday:  Contracts, Family Law,

Thursday:  Constitutional Law, Contracts, Professional Responsibility

Friday: Property, Evidence




Tuesday:  TEST DAY

Wednesday:  TEST DAY

Thursday:  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. The Lawyer Mentor

    First, thanks for the shout out–I appreciate it very much. I’ve been coaching/mentoring for quite a while, but blogging is still a bit new, so it’s nice to have some feedback. Second, what a great site! I love the theme, and the name, and I so admire that you’re working, studying, and blogging. I wonder if you find it therapeutic in a way, that at least you can come here and write while all the craziness of bar study is going on around you?

    And finally, I read the post about the pen smelling like cat urine, and I had to laugh. My sister just finished up her PhD work at the NIH, and last year, she was up to her neck in conferences and presentations regarding some findings that she made in the course of her research. She got to the office early one morning for a presentation. On her way in, she kept smelling kitty urine, but she blamed it on the DC humidity. Then she got into the air conditioned office and was still smelling it. She opened her brief bag to pull out her presentation notes and found a lovely gift left by her cat Seymour. She didn’t have time to deal with it, so she put the entire bag into her desk drawer and locked it, printed another copy of her notes, and left for the presentation. And then she forgot about the bag for the next two weeks. Yep.

    Good luck on the bar exam!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thanks for the comment! I do love blogging as a bit of a release — it is easier for me to get outside of my head when I put my thoughts down. I hope that the blog will become less of a personal diary when I start doing more than just studying all the time, but I’m loving it for right now. Yours is looking quite nice as well. :)

      My cat Leo has left me about a million surprises, so I totally understand your sister’s situation! I am always worried I will wake up and have a little surprise waiting for me. Today, he pooped on the rug, but I wasn’t home so my husband had to clean it up! hahaha. [oh, that sounds mean. I meant to say it was so sweet for him to take care of that for me.]

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