Sunday’s Activities

A big part of my [fantastic so helpful really amazing] bar review program is taking Sundays completely off.  As the bar gets closer, I start to wonder if I should only take Sundays off when I’ve been productive every other day of the week, but I’m still working hard to maintain this practice.  Of course, I do slip up and make flash cards do some other smaller tasks on Sunday evenings, but just being intentional about taking time away from studying has really helped (a) my sanity and (b) my marriage.

Today, we had lunch at the Urban BBQ Company, in Rockville.  Going in, I had a few worries — I mean, what kind of barbecue restaurant calls itself “Urban”?? — but it was actually pretty great for being outside of Tennessee.  I mean, the sauces were not the best, the mac-and-cheese was not cheddar-y enough, and the brisket was only so-so, but they had FANTASTIC CORNBREAD and an interesting meat on the menu:  spicy sausages.  The best BBQ we’ve eaten around the city these past three years has been at Red, Hot & Blue in Laurel, but I’d call Urban a close second.  They do have some pretty delicious Dominion Root Beer on tap.

Then, we headed up to Seneca Creek State Park to go fishing in a sparkly blue paddle boat!  I love paddle boats.  And Hunter loves fishing.  So, obviously, this is kind of the best of both worlds.  It was fantastic and cool for about 45 minutes and then my body was like “Hey!  You just ate barbecue and mac-and-cheese and cornbread and it is hot and sunny and you haven’t been outdoors this summer for longer than the time it takes to walk from your car to Starbucks.”  So, I had a wicked headache and we had to pull in a little early.  Coming in early actually worked out great, though, because sun + exercise + me being exhausted from my practice test yesterday = an accidental nap on the sofa in the middle of Glee re-runs.

Oh, and I also managed to do the dishes, bleach the grout in between my bathroom tiles, and do some basic de-cluttering in the apartment.

Tomorrow I have to be very productive, but tonight I can veg out and eat scones and drink hot chocolate.  Nine more days of this madness and then it will all be over!


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