Stressing Like Crazy

Today I feel like every thing is going wrong.  Yesterday was so upbeat and positive and I felt very productive; today I feel unprepared for the bar, scared out of my mind, and annoyed.  This week is insane, honestly, and a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

My small group essay workshops, which are typically on Wednesday afternoons, were rescheduled for today (Tuesday) since the bar is coming up next week.  I conveniently forgot what day of the week it was and that my session was rescheduled until this morning.

H’s car was leaking oil yesterday and we had to take it in to the shop this morning.  And so he took my car to go to work.  And this totally makes sense, since he can’t get to work without a car and work pays money, which pays our rent.  Normally, I would only be slightly annoyed to be without wheels when I have to study anyway (I mean, honestly, where am I going?), but I am majorly annoyed right now because (1) I was supposed to go to my class that I forgot about and (2) a book I need for my class is lying in the back seat of my car.  Ugh.

So, I sit down to prepare the one essay I can write (since the other question is about 20 miles away with H at work), and I honestly have no idea what to do.  Negotiable Instruments — you are the death of me!  In the 25 allotted minutes, I get the basics down (like, a check is a negotiable instrument, what bearer paper is, what a holder is, and who is a holder in due course), and then I am literally stumped.  I have no idea what makes you liable to pay your checks!  This is a problem.

So here I am, at 10:43 a.m., wondering if I should even bother going to class, since (a) it will take me forever to get there by bus/train [really only about 35 minutes…], (b) I have basically nothing to turn in and I’m not sure it will be all that helpful to listen to my teacher tell me I forgot to explain liability [because, seriously, I get that I needed to explain it — I just didn’t know what it was!], (c) I should probably spend those two hours learning negotiable instruments instead of in traffic, and (d) I haven’t even read the second question, because it is way far away in my car!

Whew!  Writing all of that out really helped me sequester the crazy onto the blog instead of keeping it in my head, which is a very healthy process, right?  Right.  Thanks for going through that with me.

In other news, I will no longer care about this in eight days.


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