Bar Study Update

So, it is almost here:  I will begin taking the bar at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, so there are only a handful of days left to study-study-study for the big day!  I am confident in my test-taking abilities, but less confident that I can remember all of this information.  Being half-confident seems pretty solid, considering the alternative.

My plan, which I think is working well so far, is making mini-outlines as a method of reviewing.  I’m condensing all of the knowledge I need for each subject onto one (double-sided) piece of resume paper, and printing it out so it is thick, stiff, and small-looking.  Seeing all of the knowledge I need pared down to just a few pages is SO reassuring.

So far I have gotten through Evidence, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Torts, Property, Contracts, UCC 3/4, UCC9, and half of Maryland Family Law.  The topics remaining are Business Associations, Civil Procedure, and Professional Responsibility.  I plan to have this completely finished by the end of today, to do practice essays and read through essay choices tomorrow, and to rest with only minimal studying on Sunday and Monday.

I still have to map out a route to the test location for Tuesday morning, in DC rush-hour traffic, so that will be peachy.  :)  Also, I think I might hit up the mall for a little vacation shopping to get my mind off things.



With H out of town for the weekend, it is just me and Leo hanging out, and we are studying and cuddling up a storm.  Good luck to all bar exam takers out there, from both of us!  We are sending good thoughts your way.



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