Early Mornings

After complaining and whining about having to wake up so early to prepare for the bar exam, I have honestly started to love it.  Part of me wants to commit to this and make it a permanent change.  I’m considering approaching this topic with H when he gets back tonight — here’s how it will probably go:

Me:  Hey, I have an idea.  Let’s start waking up at 6 am every day so we can get more done and get ready for when I start work in September.

H:  How about we sleep all day forever instead?

Me: I really like waking up early because it is quiet and I feel more productive.

H: Okay, why don’t you do that, and I’ll stay here asleep.

But honestly, there are tons of benefits to waking up early, right?

1) Breakfast is the greatest meal of the day, and has the most delicious options — waking up early lets you make it a priority.  There is certainly no time to make homemade biscuits and sausage gravy when you only allot 10 minutes to make the coffee, grab some Special K, and run out the door.

2) We pay $150 each year for daily delivery of the Washington Post.  And when was the last time I read it?  Ummm… I look at the sale papers on Sunday and read Petula Dvorak’s columns about DC life when I see it.  But usually H just takes it to work with him and I miss out on that experience completely.

3) These Morning Glory Oat Muffins that I just found on honey & jam.  These look fantastic and I need to make them ASAP.

4) Quiet Time/Bible Study/Whatever you call your special moments communicating with God, mine slip away much too easily when I am rushing, and when I am awake in the morning I can feel a pull toward devotional moments.  Maybe it is a memory thing — that my most devotional moments happened when I was waking up early, such as avoiding 13-year-olds on a youth mission trip by hitting the showers as early as possible, but I feel more holy in the mornings.

5) It really is good practice, right?  I mean, if starting on August 29th I need to be downtown at 9:00 a.m., then I should probably plan to be there by 8:45 every morning so I seem responsible.  [I mean, I actually AM responsible.  I’m not trying to fake it…]  With a 35 minute train ride (plus a delay from changing trains), I need to be at the metro by 8:00 or 8:10.  That requires the 7:50 bus from a stop 7 minutes from my door.  So, I’ll have to be out the door by 7:40 to be safely on-time with potential train delays.  And what if my boss wants me there by 8 instead of by 9?  [This is why we are planning to move back into the city.  Plus it is cooler to live there.]

So, we’ll see.  It may be that waking up early is not a thing that I will share with H, but maybe that would be better — I might lose the specialness of these early mornings if I didn’t have them all to myself.



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