Electronic Shenanigans

I am a full 24 hours into my first post-bar experience:  beaching with my family on the South Georgia coast.  It is fantastic to do three of my favorite things with three of my favorite people:  eating, reading, and napping.  There’s also a little beach-swimming thrown in there!

The last twenty-four hours have been hard on my electronics.  To start things off, I forgot to pack my laptop power cord into my carry-on bag and had just enough battery life left when I got to the airport to see my laptop light up and then click off.  The three hours of work I was planning to get done on the trip?  Had to switch to a blackberry + notebook editing method.

I tried purchasing a USB charger kit that an electronics specialist said would fit my computer, because it was tiny and would also charge my camera, another item packed without a power cord.  Lucky for me, the multi-adapter charger kit fit only my blackberry — the one item whose charger I packed!

So, in an effort to find a power cord that fit my camera, I accidentally shorted out my digital camera by finding the perfect size cord but not realizing that it would send a 9 Volt charge into my 3.7 Volt camera battery.  Awesome.  Now it doesn’t even turn on.

So, I’m relaxed and super tan and well fed, and trying to decide if I should (a) try buying a new camera battery ($22) + a camera charger ($30) at Walmart so I can take photos or (b) buy a new camera (with battery and charger included) so we will have perfect photos from this weekend and which I can take to Aruba.  I’m thinking new camera, unless I can get the Walmart guy to put another lithium battery into my current camera and see if it will work.  That’s my real plan:  sweet talk the electronics guy into helping me out.


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