Starting off right

Well, it’s over. Three years of learning, eight weeks of studying, two days of testing have come to a close. Now, we wait.

Bar results will be released on November 4th. Until then, my review books are packed away and my law books are slowly being mailed away one-by-one to poor pitiful purchasers.

These days are new and exciting and empty. Switching from weeks and weeks of working non-stop and riding the emotional roller coaster of fear to waking up whenever-you-please and doing whatever-you-want is confusing, uncomfortable. All I want to do is cuddle up to a good book or have long conversations with friends — difficult only because now that the bar is over I have absolutely nothing to talk about.

For the next four days, I am cuddling up to Zadie Smith’s 2000 Bestseller White Teeth while staying at the Royal Palm with my family on a beautiful island. I’ll be eating fresh seafood and soaking up the sun and collecting myself.

This is a fresh start for me – everything I am doing from now on is completely different, with no school, no giant loan checks to pay for whatever I want, no self-directed semesters with only two testing periods a year.

I can’t wait.


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