Today’s Eats — heavy on the apples

Vacation eating is generally pretty ridiculous. I am anti-fried food (especially fried seafood — why ruin a beautiful thing??), so I try to maintain a healthy grilled/broiled menu to counterbalance the plethora of margaritas and ice cream cones that I consume. Because seriously, salt water makes me hungry. I step out onto the sand and immediately want a charred grilled hotdog or giant juicy hamburger. And every meal should end with ice cream, right? Right.

I started off today with cheerios and milk, apple and peanut butter, and hot tea (with one sweet-n-low packet).

On the beach, I had a small handful of whole wheat goldfish crackers, half a nectarine, and some water.

Back on the strip, I had a quesadilla with chicken, green bell pepper, onion, and cheese. It was fantastic.
By the way, my spell-check is rejecting quesadilla and now I’m afraid I don’t know how to spell it! I think I’m developing a complex or something.

Then I had the most delicious butter pecan ice cream in a waffle cone as we walked on the Tybee Pier and it was literally heaven on earth… Well, I mean, you get the idea.

Once I was dropped at the airport, though, things changed. Airport food is, well, airport food. I tried to get a coffee at the Savannah airport, but the “barista” there had ‘tude and wanted to take a break, so I canceled that move and just ate the apple my mom gave me. (In case you forgot to count, that is TWO apples in one day!).

We were delayed a bit, held on-board for a bit, and by the time I arrived inside the Atlanta airport for my layover, it was time to board my ride home. I rushed down Concourse B, took the train to Concourse A, and headed to the entirely opposite end of the terminal to find out that my flight was delayed. I had ten minutes until boarding, so I stopped in a shop and settled on a Special K protein meal bar (170 calories), dried cinnamon apples (150 calories), and a diet coke. Dinner of champions.

And then we were delayed another 30 minutes, so I could have eaten a real meal if I’d wanted. Fabulous.

I just realized that I ate 3+ apples today — can you get apple sickness? If so, I probably have it now. Just in time for Vacation August.


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