Well, it is beautiful. And relaxing. And wonderful. Here are a few snippets to hold you over until a real post:

This is our hotel, taken from our hotel’s boat as we sped across to the Renaissance Island.

This is the inner coast of the kid-friendly side of the island.

So beautiful!

These are the flamingos that live on our island! They are literally like four steps away from us. They hang out among the beach chairs and strut around while you are reading/laying out. Seriously. I know. Wow. I’m still kind of in awe about this.

Ah! Crab! There are crabs EVERYWHERE on the rocks, and I love them and took about 17 pictures just of crabs. Maybe I will do an entire crab-post later? Okay, scratch that. Bad idea. But I totally love them.

That’s all for now! We are safe in Aruba (this is for you Mom) and taking it slow and easy, enjoying the wildlife on our cute little island.



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