If I moved to Aruba I’d have to bring my own cow.

H and I have loved every single thing about Aruba except one little thing: the milk. We have no idea what is going on here. It’s a desert and an island, so obviously cow herders are few and far between, but seriously. Let’s talk about this:

First cup of coffee: Dutch Pancake House, very dark, served with a silver pitcher of yellow something. Tasted terrible.

Second cup of coffee: Room service to the room this morning. A mini-carafe of HOT something white and creamy. Hot? What? And it was NOT creamer, half-and-half, or (American) milk. We honestly have no idea what it was, but we paid $7 to have it delivered to our room. Whoa.

Third cup of coffee: DUNKIN DONUTS FOR THE WIN. Hazelnut roast with – wait for it – half-and-half from a CARTON kept in the REFRIGERATOR. It was delicious. We may be going back to Dunkin Donuts every day that we are here, which is probably terrible since my blueberry cake donut was 370 calories and we have five days left (5 x 370 = 1850 calories, not including the half-and-half!).

This cow photo was taken by Tassie Sim, and I found it on Flikr, and I have no idea if I am linking to her properly. But clearly, since there is NO MILK in Aruba, and since this photo is square and cool looking, I did not take it.

In other news, today was fantastic-awesome-wonderful-unbelievable.

  1. Snorkeled off the Aruban coast with the Jolly Pirates.

We also swam a ton, ate delicious lunch, and swung off the boat into the ocean! (And for that last one, by “we” I mean H. I did not swing into the ocean. There were tons of kids doing it over and over and these women kept falling off the swing because they had a bad grip and/or no upper body strength, and I was too (a) sunburned and (b) embarrassed to try it out.)

And, this one kid forgot to let go and nearly crashed into the side of the boat and I almost had a heart attack. But luckily she let go just before she face-planted into a pirate ship.

2. We ate a delicious dinner! It was so delicious-looking I forgot to take a picture, but H had a red snapper (and it was whole with the head and stuff still attached) and I had an ocean trio, which was Salmon, Grouper (not-so-fantastic when compared to the other two), and Mahi-Mahi with a red wine reduction and it was so fantastic, oh man. And fish is so healthy for your brain! So now I’m probably three times smarter than H since I had three different kinds of fish. Right? Right.

3.  Finally, we hit the jackpot at the casino! And by jackpot, I mean we won $14. But seriously, if you spend $10 and walk out with $24, that is a pretty great. And now we have a tradition of being incredibly lucky on our August-love-vacations! (In case you didn’t know this, we won $800 playing BINGO on our honeymoon last year. Yes, for real. It was fantastic. And the other senior adults were totally jealous and bitter about it.)

Tonight we will either (a) watch Heroes because we are so sunburned we cannot move or (b) spend our $14 on some chocolate cake or coffee.


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