Well, I know I mentioned this before, but holy cow! There are flamingos living on our beach island and they are very friendly. Perhaps a little TOO friendly? Who knows. But today, I fed them OUT OF MY HAND and it was scary as bananas.

Flamingos have these weird yellow eyes that reach into your soul and steal your ability to cry or something like that – seriously, they are so BEAUTIFUL but if you look into their eyes you kind of want to die.

And yes, I know that I look 80% grandma in this photo, but I had some serious sunburn going on and we didn’t want to waste our day indoors. Also, sun protection is sexy.

H fed the flamingos too! But he wasn’t scared (probably because I went first) and I had time to get some more flattering photos of him. And if you look very closely, you will see my JCrew flip flops which are no longer in pristine condition.

In other news, we went on a “nature walk” on our island that was kind of a flop. It was mostly just really hot. But we did see lots of plants that look exactly the same, very large hermit crabs just walking around, and our favorite bright blue lizards. Plus birds, but birds are boring.


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We had pizza hut pizza for dinner last night, and even though I made some serious jokes about H wanting to get it, it was actually really delicious and very inexpensive (only $11 for dinner for both of us!). Then, we went to the casino and played our lucky machine and we won back the $20 that we lost last night when we went to meet friends on the other end of the island (their casino was so unlucky!) plus the $7 we put into the machine, making our net casino profits for the week a whopping $0.25! BUT, that will be increasing later tonight.


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