Coming Home

As I write this, we are waiting in the Aruban airport for our flight to Atlanta, about to begin our journey home. Going through security and customs was an hour-and-a-half-long ordeal, so thankfully we arrived early enough to sail smoothly through and reach our gate about forty-five minutes early. I am craving diet coke, sbarro, and a trashy magazine, but here the diet coke is $4.00, the pizza is $6.50, and last month‘s Redbook is $9.50. Crazy, right? So we are going to order something on the plane. Which typically is ridiculously over-priced, but here is a great deal.

Looking back, there were a lot of sites and activities that we wished we had seen/done, but we are so glad we did not include them in our schedule. Honestly, I think that this past week I have been more relaxed than I have been in four or five years. It is amazing, and while I know that travel photos are a little overkill on the blog this week, this is what the blog is all about: reminding me that as much as I love to be productive and get to work, it is equally important to carve out some time to relax with the people you love, regenerate your brain cells, and remember how to have fun.

I will leave you with a few last photos from “Aruba, one happy island.”


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