Speedo Watch

Ummm… if you do this then you rock my world. My friends and I totally do this, but we generally make awkward poses so that the true subject of the photo is not as obvious when the photo is taken – H is not really up on the fake-posing, so there were TONS more prime photo opportunities that were missed due to proximity and obviousness (I mean, can you really turn your back to the ocean and take a photo of a dumpster so you can get the speedo that the old man is wearing?

Oh, and one more thing: there are tons of speedos in Aruba but, lucky for me, the speedos typically COME IN PAIRS, thus multiplying the speedo-spotting opportunities.

P.S. If you find this crude or offensive, then you are probably really boring or you probably wear a speedo. If you find this a bit immature, then you are probably right.

1 South Georgia Speedo! (very rare)

2 Sitting-Down Speedo

3 Accidentally too zoomed in speedo

4 Speedo coming out of the water!

5 Up Close on the Pirate Ship Speedo

6 Hunter right by two speedos (but only got one in the photo).

7 Speedo with a lady.

8 For the reluctant speedo man, the speedo shorts!



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