Mini Update: Post-Vacation Day One

1.  I found my long-lost watch.  The watch that H gave me (a.k.a. let me buy) for my law school graduation present.  And where was it?  Wrapped in a paper towel behind the coffee maker.  That is literally the last place I EVER would have looked.

2.  Had a great meeting with my professor/boss and she asked if I would consider working 10 h/wk after I start my real job!  I’m not sure if I can swing it yet, but it is so flattering to be wanted like that, and it made me feel really special.  And also, I love my consulting job and am sad to have to give it up.  So I’m going to think on it. But I don’t want to be over-committed.

3.  Got my OFFICIAL OFFER LETTER and now have to fill out 100 forms covering taxes, health insurance, and beneficiaries of my retirement benefits.  [P.S.  Retirement benefits?  Man.  Wow.  I am old.]

4.  Went to IKEA with my good friend (you are awesome, and you know who you are!) and bought a few pieces to update our tiny apartment.  (A)  New lamps that match to go on each side of the bed; (B) Cute glass jars to hold coffee beans, rice, and nuts; and (C) a Corkscrew for only $2.99 [we broke ours last month and have been waiting to drink a bottle of wine that the very same friend I mentioned above gave us].

5.  Cleaned the microwave, all appliances, and even de-crumbed the toaster.  Hung a new shower curtain, changed the sheets on our bed, and fit the Christmas tree into new plastic tubs under the bed.  This place is looking better already.



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