Better on the Home Front

So, I’ve quickly recovered from my bout of life-is-going-nowhere-complain-a-lots and am having a fantastic day.

Tonight’s Dinner:  BBQ Portobello Sliders, courtesy of How Sweet (again!  this blog is literally fantastic and always has something that I want).  My recipe changes:  flavoring the mushrooms with OLD BAY instead of her spice mix and using Hawaiian Rolls.  Still, so good.  And deliciously messy, without creating a ton of dishes.

Today’s Big Accomplishment:  Purchasing H’s bag for school.  He is easily satisfied and unwilling to spend money on needless things, but I really wanted him to have a nice bag since he’ll be in school with hotsy-totsy rich kids, and we found something today that was PERFECT.  He’s already saying how he can use this beautiful leather bag for twenty years so it is totally worth the money, but I’ll honestly be happy if it lasts for two years since it is exactly what I wanted him to carry and has the added bonus of looking snazzy but still just his style.  Twenty years is much too long to use the same bag — but, I am very happy that he is going to be super stylish and hope that his first day of orientation (tomorrow) goes smoothly.  Also, I think I have been more worried about his first days than he has been — he is just trying to finish up his prep reading before the end of next week, and couldn’t care less if his clothes match or his socks are clean. 

Well, tomorrow is a big day including (finally!) a few stops for pinkbriefcasetoursdc and hanging out with my favorite person in the greater Washington area.  Also, I accidentally volunteered to do a structural re-write for my contract work, so that’s on the agenda too.  As well as a little more closet organizing and Raising Hope, season one.

This blog is a bit stream-of-consciousness, but sometimes that is just how I think/write.  And if you think it sounds a little crazy, imagine having thought and written all of this mess in about three minutes.  That’s right, insane. 


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