I just …

altered the neckline of an old hoodie!  It was so easy, and you can do it too.

I followed the basic steps outlined in this tutorial I found on youtube.  [Which is very well done, has totally cool music, and shows a young lady with about 10 million times more sewing talent and skills than my mom and grandmother were able to bash into my head.]

However, because this hoodie is old, and has holes in it, I am not hemming down the new neckline or even worrying that the edges are showing. So my hood edges are flopping around but it looks totally awesome.

[typing the word “hemming” reminds me of hemingway, by the way.  Forget your personal tragedy. We are all bitched from the start and you especially have to be hurt like hell before you can write seriously. But when you get the damned hurt, use it — don’t cheat with it. ]

This is going to be my new go-to weekend outfit staple.  Today, it is an old 3/4 sleeved navy blue J. Crew hoodie (cut at the neck to be a loose and messy V), a bright yellow v-neck tee from Lands’ End,  olive green shorts (also Lands’ End — I basically live in their Sears collection), and some black flippy floppies from Target’s $2.50 bin two years ago.

Classy, I know. But seriously, I’m not working for another week, I’m about to go to the grocery store, and it is raining for like the 10 billionth day in a row here in DC.  So I’ll wear whatever I want.

And to our adorable friends S and W, if you read this before we come over later tonight (or ever), I promise to dress better next time.  Maybe.



  1. Sarahbear

    I have no sewing skills to speak of, but I have been trying to alter a few of my more casual shirts since losing weight. Clothes can get expensive! I’m just glad the 80’s style t-shirts are coming back into style (or maybe they have been for a few years and I’m old) so I can cut the neck out of them. You should post a picture of the finished product.

  2. pinkbriefcase

    Sarah! Sewing makes me crazy. I am not patient, and I don’t really want to spend the time it takes to alter things well, but in my mind I am an insanely creative and skilled seamstress whose clothes always fit perfectly. haha.

    I saw this What Not to Wear about sizing down clothes and Stacy was like “Do you know it costs $25 to change the size of a waist band in one pair of pants? Do you really want to pay for alterations instead of just buying new clothes?” And all I could think was “If she could afford to have her clothes altered she already would have, and isn’t it great that instead of just helping her out you have to be so rude.”

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